Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Well folks it's been a little bit.... I can't remember what all I wrote last. :-) We went to Swan River on the 21st for our orthodontist visit. Naomi and I received heavier wires on our brackets, and different color elastics (one thing that you might be able to look forward to:-) Lydia was looked at and has an apointment on May 11th to get her braces on. She's only getting top braces. And should only have them on for 6-8 months depending on how well her teeth move.
Thursday Mom drove most of us kids into town to do our hospice service.... only problem we had was that Naomi forgot the music books. So... LOL! We improvised from memory for 45 min. of entertainment. :-) It wasn't bad, though it was the first time we had done without books.... I think we should get more into doing that, then we don't have to stand in one place we could move around (except for Naomi on the piano) while playing. :-) We've said no more hospice services till after we get home from camp so that will probably be in Sept. some time.
Friday.... I went over to Covlins for some time on the net. I'm trying to sell some extra clothing and a couple crochet baby blankets. To get them out of the way and also for extra cash, which I'm short on right now no money making lately. :-) Maybe God will open up a door for more in that area. I can only keep praying. I'd really like to work on getting my drivers license... if I can't get it now (in the next couple months) I'll Lord willing be working on it this winter. Homeschoolers can take a course in Preeceville at no cost since it's in the school system so that's what I'll try to head for. Dad and Mom said that I'll have to find my own way to get to Preeceville though. :-/ So that puts a bit of a damper on getting my license. Maybe by fall they'll have softened some(not super likely, although God has worked miracles in the past year or so regarding some of their rules/ordinances). Or maybe God will line up other rides for me. Prayer is the only thing I can do in that area. :-) Or maybe I can stay with some good friends in Regina and do the course there.... they have offered before but we couldn't take them up on it last winter, maybe this winter. :-)
Hope y'all have a great day. Thanks for the prayers. :-)
The test for Gun class was last night (26th) they have to send the tests into Regina where they will be graded and sent back. :-) This morning Father Banga called.... with another proposition for our summer. I'll tell you more later but please send up a few prayers for us for wisdom. Thanks a lot. :-)


Emily said...

I hope doors opens for you soon, Hannah! Best wishes!

The Panhandle Roughriders said...

Thanks. :-) Prayer is the only way. :-)