Friday, June 12, 2009


May 26th we just finished eating Jesse's birthday meal... homemade pizza, ice cream and brownies. :-) Don't you all wish you could have joined us? I love that sort of meal, sure it takes a bit to make but hey it tastes so good homemade. Dad and Mom are intending to head out for town in the next couple minutes, Ellie and Lydia are playing music.... the rest of the kids are around the house or outside playing. I haven't gotten any sewing or cutting out done, I really should do some this afternoon while Dad and Mom are away, everything seems to be quieter with them away and the table's empty for working at. :-)

For those of you who are wondering our birthday's run throughout the year in this order:

Ezekiel: Feb. 9th

Dad(Kirk): Feb. 24th

Sara: Mar. 18th

Elizabeth: May 3rd

Jesse: May 26th

Naomi: May 31st

Priscilla: June 17th

Lydia: July 10th

Uriah: July 17th

Mom (Heidi): Sept. 8th

Ruth: Sept. 19th

Martha: Dec. 25th

Hannah (me): Dec. 31st

So that's bothering to tell you how old we are. LOL! :-)

So I'll save more room for more exciting things later on. G'day to ya'll for now. :-)

May 29th, Ahh just a few days pass and things pick up... :-) Today all but Naomi, Cilla and Ruth went up to MB to pick up the shop stuff that Dad dropped off in March. We left at 5:38 am this morning and arrived home around 8:00 pm. Got plenty dirty picking up all the shop stuff, only a few misshaps and nothing serious. Couple squished fingers on Martha and Lydia, the air compresser almost squashed Dad which seems to happen at least once every move... LOL! But all in all a good dad. We dropped by Pletts (Klassens was where the shop things were stored) (where Dad, Ellie and Lydia stayed when they were up in MB) and had a good conversation about 1 ½ hours long. It was nice to meet them and get to know who the girls were talking about. :-)

Tomorrow Lord willing we'll be going to a weiner roast and Ed and Delores Pilipow's. We might be going to a garage sale thing before we head over to Pilipow's place. Sounds like lots of fun. :-)

Sunday is Naomi's 23rd Birthday so we'll be staying around home (hopefully). :-)

Monday, We're supposed to go into Melville and sign papers on the place up in Endeavour. And then Tuesday or Wednesday we'll start bringing stuff up to our new place. We have to do some cleaning before we can move in so we'll have to bring the vacum cleaner and some rags when we go up and unload the shop stuff.

I should run now... maybe more later. :-)

Weiner roast went great. Had some fun throwing the frisbee around after talking for a while then Lydia gave a short lesson to Delores on the guitar. Learning chords “A” and “D”. :-)

Oh yeah a couple days ago I cut out one of my dresses.... I wont sew it up till we get up to our new place. I think I'll wait to cut out the other two dresses till we're somewhat settled. :-)

Hey have you ever watched the movie Fly Away Home? It's very real life.... a movie I wouldn't mind having for our own. We just rented it from the library but I really liked it. :-) Another movie on my wish list. :-)


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