Friday, June 19, 2009

More Update

June 15th, Two days till Cilla's Birthday. She'll be 8 then. Growing fast isn't she. :-)
Good ride this morning, Millie is so good and sweet, asking to be caught, eager to run on the ride. Yeah I know not the tale of a horse seller.... but I won't be mad if I do end up keeping her another year or so. Who knows what will happen in this year, I could get married though that is rather unlikely from the looks of the people around us belief wise, Dad would never allow it. But I'm not going to complain, so onto another happier subject. :-)
June 16th, all but the peas are planted in the garden. There migth even be some room for flowers at the one end. I did plant a row of sunflowers there already. :-) I do like sunflowers such a cheerful bold, flower.
June 18 Cilla's birthday went well, she received a horse headstall/bridle from Lydia, Martha and I. So she and Zeke spent about an hour playing with Al using her new bridle. :-)
Lydia, Martha, Ellie and I went down to the neighbours and worked for 2 hours pulling weeds out of what's supposed to be flower bed surrounding two rocks at the end of the drive. The lady of the house is pregnant with her 4th child, and due any day so she hasn't been able to keep up on her gardening. :-) She'd like us to come back Friday and plant the flower beds that we weeded on the 17th. :-)
June 19 Okay no planting for the neighbours today they had something else that came up. :-) I was able to finish planting all our flowers, Now the only flower we need to plant is Mom's rose we bought her for Mother's day. :-)
One of Naomi's fingers has swollen and gotten infected (it seems happen every few months) so our music practice has screeched to a halt... if you could please pray for her finger to heal and us be able to practice soon. Couple of the younger kids have been feeling under the weather the past couple days, Jesse and Uraih both throw up, but with the other it's just really tired, fever and headache, please pray that we will all be well and doing good for going down to WA for the annivarsary. Thank you. :-)
Ya'll take care and God bless.

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