Friday, June 26, 2009

The Norm

Afternoon to ya'll
It's been strange weather here (24th), hot and sunny this morning, rainy and coolish in the afternoon. Then hot in the evenging... whatever. :-) We've been working on the raspberries, hopefully we'll be able to finish them before we go down to WA... I've been weeding and pulling the old canes, some of the other has been doing one or the other. Dad needs to do some banking in Invermay before we leave for WA so I'm hoping to be able to ride along a get some of pictures posted... if you see them, then you'll know I was able to. :-D
Millie has shipping cold, so I have to give her penicillin shots for three days.... 30cc at a whack. Hopefully she will be cleared up and getting along good by the time we send her and Muckers over to spend a month or more in the stallion's pasture. :-) I might have to pick up some more Penicillin when we're in town before we leave as we might not have enough. She takes her shot well and hasn't put up a fuss for which I am grateful. (she doesn't like the shot... but she will stand OK for it) Our old Belgian cross mares had such a fuss with the needle, it's nice to have a horse that's willing to take it. :-) I still intend to ride her, but try to not have her gallop any, just lope and trot so's not to ruin her wind with her lungs being somewhat plugged up. Hopefully none of the other horses get it.
Dad's putting in a dryer vent downstairs so the person washing laundry doesn't have to bring the laundry out to the yard to dry it. Mom and I discovered when we tried to dry the first load downstairs that the dryer had no vent to the outside.... just let all the moist air out into the basement. Not good..... so Dad set up the dryer we brought with us out near the shop and we've been bringing the laundry out there to dry. Maybe next summer we'll be able to get a clothes line set up. :-)
25th.... Dad, Jesse and Zeke are heading off to go help at the Ketchen Lake camp.... Neal (can't remember his last name) has a sawmill there that he's going to be sawing some lumber on and Dad offered his and the boys help so Neal will be picking them up in a few minutes.
Us at home will try to finish the raspberries and be ready to go to Invermay on Friday..... :-) Coyote seems to have gone lame... so Lyds and I didn't ride this morning, don't know if we'll be doing any riding in the afternoon, Jesse said that Lydia could ride his horse if she wanted to go riding. I'm not sure if I will ride Millie or not..... Guess we'll see how she acts and whether or not we'll be doing any galloping which wont be good for her.
Okay we finished the raspberries.... YAY!!!!!! LOL! Good to know that those are all weeded and getting ready to flower. :-)
I didn't go riding.... Ellie, Martha and Lydia did though. Lydia rode Red (Jesse's horse) who acted up a bit so she had to work him pretty good on the ground before she could ride him.... They took some sasuage and bread over to the neighbors who just had their forth child.... we haven't been told what it is yet. :-) (we've sinced learned it's a boy... Beau Samuel, Mother and baby are doing fine)
When Dad came home from working at the camp he told us that Neal had invited all of us kids (and Dad and Mom as well) to come to a youth service at the camp on Friday (26th) . Dad offered it to us and we all jumped at it... sounds like fun, good preaching and fellowship.... But come morning Dad decided that only those of us 18 and older could go (and I thought it was supposed to be a “youth” service) those under 18 might be influenced to do wrong.... two questions were posed to Dad after he made that statement... “If you didn't like what you saw when we got there couldn't you just bring us home?” and “What is different about the people we'd being seeing at the youth service, than who've we've seen the two Sundays we're met with them for church?” Dad didn't answer either of the questions so I don't know if we'll be going or not. Dad does sometimes tell all the kids that they can go somewhere or do something and then the next day he refuses to let those under 18 do it.... He never follows a pattern and it upsets family life that he doesn't keep his word all the time. :-/ Maybe someday Dad will answer our questions and tell us why it's good for those over 18 and not good for those under 18 when all we would be doing is worshiping God and singing praises?!? Guess you just have live with it and bide your time till he deems us old enough to understand his reasoning. :-}
I'll close for now.... Take care and God bless ya'll.

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