Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Well youth was great.... very un-organised.... LOL! Only Clint, Neil Fenske (sawmill guy) and two of Neil's kids, Trisha (15) and Darren (12), so we sent kayaking, and then Dad talked a bit around the camp fire from Dueteronomy, and we had some chips and pop.... talked a bit and made it home around 11:20 or so. Any how Dad says he's kicking himself for not letting the younger ones go... Says he should have known that this church wouldn't be doing anything “bad” that the younger kids would be troubled by... so he intends that we will be doing youth services once they start up again after the Bible camp stops in August. On Sat. morning we rode the horse over to Galbraith's and there left Millie and Muckers... The stud was gone to another farm but we were able to see one of his colts that was a look a like.... nice buckskin paint, fish/wall eyes, good feet, moved very well for a yearling... all around nice looking colt, hope we'll be getting something like that come next June. :-) I packed up most of my clothes and also helped make cheese burger buns and tried to clean up somewhat. We went over to Fenske's that evening for supper... had good fellowship and getting to know each other better.... they have 4 children, 1 girl and 3 boys.... Trisha, Darren, Matthew (10) and Dillan (4), nice kids (and parents) they homeschool, Dad and Neil seem to have lots in common, sawmills, chain saws, like the backwoodsy feeling and so on. Elfreda and Mom seem to get along fine so I'm thinking that we'll be seeing a bit more of them... which is no problem to us kids. :-)
Church was good.... Brad preached about how God made the first move, even though we were enemies of God and sinners and God hates sin, He made the first move toward wanting us to come to Him. God sent Jesus to die on the cross to reconcile us to Him. I don't explain it very well, the end was how God gave us a message to send out to other people, God saved us we should go tell others about His love and forgivness. Very good sermon and I was blessed. :-)
Donny and Billy came over while we were eating a late lunch... they hung around for a few hours and then left.
I laid down for an hour or so... my throat is threatening to be sore and that will not be good... I'm thinking it's from the late nights I've been having... waiting up for the water heater to heat the water for a shower, I'm not a big fan of cold water showers.... LOL! Just not me. :-D So I took 16 or so D3's and been taking Vit. C every few hours and colostrum transfer (a immune system builder) so hopefully I can kick this thing and not be sick down in WA.
I'll try to find a place to post this tomorrow on the road... :-) Talk to ya'll later.

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