Friday, June 19, 2009

Good afternoon

June 12, 2009
Well it's said that busy hands keep the heart happy.... I guess that could be the story of our lives the past few weeks or so. We did have one blow up, but so far it's not been mentioned again so lets hope alls well that ends well. :-)
Yes we are in Endeavour.... well not exactly in the town, 13 miles out. I told you about the place a few posts back so.... you can read of it there. We just got the garden tilled by a neighbour as the soil was too hard for our rototiller to work. Lord willing we'll be planting it in the coming week or so.
It took 4 days to move all our stuff up to the farm from Waldron. We settled in for the night on Friday the 5th. Picked up the horses from Eugenes place on the 6th. Last several days some of us children have been riding the horses every morning, getting up around 6:00 am and riding till 8:00 am at which time breakfast is usually served. Right now Jesse and I are trading off using Ellie's saddle, I ride in the morning and Jesse rides in the afternoon with the others. Seems to be working out OK so far. :-) I need to find myself a saddle.... I do have Millie for sale, but if she doesn't sell by end of June I'll be keeping her at least over the winter again. Guess I'll see where God leads in that situation. If she doesn't sell... Ellie and I are thinking of breeding our fillies to have babies next year. Probably this July we'll put them in with a stud that we like. :-)
Lydia and I are sharing a room, the boys have the room across the way, Cilla, Ruth and Sara share the room that backs up to Lyds and mine, Dad's and Mom's room is right next to the bathroom. Ellie, Naomi, and Martha share the 'greenhouse' room off the garage. So far we're all snug and getting along OK, no fights over rooms yet. :-)
5 of us girls have been practicing the half hour music program that we intend to sing down in WA. We only have 2 weeks to get ready for going down there. I need to work on the fiddle more.... haven't been practicing and you can tell when it comes to playing the fiddle tunes. Hopefully I'll not screwup on stage. ;-)
I've gone through my clothing and found that by matching up a few more things I can skim by with only making up one new dress. So this next week... inbetween planting the garden, I'll try to sew a dress for Cilla and maybe one for Ruth. Ellie, (I'm hoping) will be willing to sew up a dress for each of them as well. I think Martha needs at least one dress as well, though she really doesn't want to do any sewing.... have to remind myself that Mom had to take the time to teach me how to sew when I was 8 and Martha's never had that training so I'll probably need to take her under my wing and teach her the more intricate sewing. :-) She already knows how to sew up some, but it is not a favorite thing for her to do. :-)
June 13, planted some of the garden today. Corn and beans. Some of us went to a greenhouse a few miles from here, bought some flowers, tomatoes and strawberries. Went into Preeceville afterwards and Dad picked up some things from Home Hardware, also bought a humingbird feeder and feed at my request. I picked up a cute card.... two woman in old time clothing carrying shotguns.... the saying: God grant us the patience to change the men we can, the aim to shoot the men we can't, and the wisdom to know the difference. LOL! Yeah exactly what I mean. :-)
Sunday, June 14th , today was a great day! We went and had fellowship and a picnic lunch at Ketchen Lake Bible Camp, it was so good to be back around people again. Well at least be around Christians. It's mostly young families.... most of the children from 15 to 2 years old. Wonderful age group for the younger kids. Some of the families weren't there so we don't know what everyone looks like yet. :-) Dad says that we'll probably be going to fellowship with them in the next few weeks, but that could always change as they don't believe exactly like we do. (Please keep us in your prayers on the subject of fellowship, We really need to have some and certainly don't get it home churching. :-) Thanks. ) They have a water slide there into the lake, home made of course. :-) Any how it looks like tons of fun, Cilla and Uriah ended up going down fully clothed..... without permission though, so they were corrected once we got home. :-) Eugene dropped by the camp about half way throught the afternoon then came to our place for supper and talked till 10:00 pm.... which is very typical of him and Dad, getting into long disscusions. :-) I'll try to post some pictures of the games from Sunday soon. :-D

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Could you give me some information on the card with the two women with shotguns? I just saw this framed in a home and would like to find a copy.