Monday, June 22, 2009


G'day to ya'll!
We washed the horses the evening of the 19th.... Millie stood better than I thought she would for all the water and soap, I guess she's used to my unusual ways by now. :-) Lyds and I rode 7 miles the morning of the 20th and then 9 miles in the afternoon. Millie and Coyote don't mind being ridden for that long except that their feet are tender on the gravel. We try to travel in the ditch as often as possible to save them from limping. Millie like to be right on the edge of the ditch and the road, just where the grass is growing but not on a side hill. I would like to find someone who could trim Millie before we left for WA, or maybe have Dad trim her. She hasn't been trimmed since before we left for the long ride in Sept. of '08. So she does need a good trim. I want to do it couple days before we leave for WA to give her a weeks worth of time to get over the soreness that always comes after a trimming.
21st was church in Endeavour a visiting young preacher shared with us that morning. About living water flowing from you, not having a bag of faith but having the living faith in your life. Good talk with people after service. Brad (the pastor) can tell the greatest storries.... no wonder kids love being around him so much. I hope to learn a lot from him, Brad believes that souls are much more important than having the perfect place, the perfect family, the perfect look.... He'd rather be saving souls for Jesus. :-)
22nd Lyds and I didn't get up in time to go riding this morning..... I got to bed late (10:30 or so) and Uriah woke me up crying around midnight, said his left knee hurt so I rubbed his knee till he stopped crying, then I went back to bed.
I was reading my Bible this morning in Psalms and this verse caught my attention.... I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth Psalm 34:1...... I know myself that I do not praise the Lord enough. I'm not thankful like I should be.... I complain a lot about things that don't go my way. I want to rememeber this verse and remind myself to always praise God no matter where He puts me. :-)
We're getting ready for the trip down to WA.... Lydia's decided that she should probably start sewing as she only has a week or so to get her two dresses done.... :-) Nothing like leaving things till you have to get them done. :-D Mom wants to pick up all the food stuff for the trip today in Preeceville and I need to get some vitamins, AA batteries for my personal CD player (so someone can be listening to that while we're on the trip) and some shampoo and conditioner... this water is kind of rough on my hair so I want to try to get some on the nutrients back in it by getting organic shampoo and conditioner. Hopefully I will soon see a diference and not have my hair so dry. I like hair that's somewhat easy to work with. :-) I also need to try to find another set of ear phones so I can use them for my computer... I bought Naomi a set in Mellville, I should have piced up myself a set.... Oh well, I'll try to find some in Preeceville. :-)

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