Wednesday, July 1, 2009

We're in WA

Hi there....
We made almost 17 hours of driving yesterday (29th) and so far we've made 11 hours... not to Grandpa and Grandma Holter's place yet. Probably an hour or 2 hours till we get there. It's 7:30 WA time right now. Yesterday Ruth threw up all over herself.... and some on me as well. Not my favorite thing to have happen to me. :-/ LOL! But today she's been doing good and keeping her food inside. :-) We stayed at our old place in Lakeside, MT.... the people who bought the place are renting it out and the renters left the place to us for the night and morning.... so we didn't get to see any of them.
Ahhh.... July 1st here..... Happy Canada Day for those who live there. :-) I love the layout of Grandpa and Grandma's house. Two bedrooms, a master bath and then a full main bath. The kitchen, dining room and living room are all in one big area, very airy and open. The boys and Grandpa are sleeping down in the double widee mobile home, Cilla slept with Grandma, Mom and Dad with Sara have the bedroom and 6 of us girls slept in the living room, on sofas and airmattresses.. Lydia, Ellie, and Cilla are sick with colds and it's still threatening me. Today Mom, Grandma, Sara, Lydia, Naomi and I are going into town to get ice cream ingredients, and to stop at a health food store to pick up some Vit. C, D3 and zinc as well as some LDM..... which is a herd concentrate that you dilute in water and take for sickness... colds, flu, ear aches and so on. It helped us lots last time we had it in Bonners Ferry so we're hoping to find it here. Well any how that's what we're up to right now.... Hopefully we can go practice music tomorrow and then Friday's the big day... we were even put in the bulletin about the anniversary celebration... great. LOL! Please pray that we'll get better in time for our singing. :-) Thanks.

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