Monday, October 26, 2009

Church, Youth

26th... Sunday was great... for the most part. We ended up getting to the church late, even with driving over the speed limit the whole way. And us girls were doing music for the morning service, so no time to practice or set up anything. :-( We were so shaky, but people said we sounded OK. Whatever, I think they were just trying to make us feel better about it. LOL! After out 'bag' lunch I asked Dad if we could go to youth, and he said yes! Cool! :-) After waiting around for almost an hour the youth leaders loaded us into vehicles and we left for the high-school gym. We played a variety of games, the first swat which was a little confusing since you had to know peoples names to play. Then Ryan S. a guy from college gave his testimony. We moved on to I Have Never, which is kind of like Have You Ever. Krystal another college student stood up and gave her testimony and we moved on to the last game, called Conquer.... A rather intense game the 30 some kids were divided into 4 groups and sent to the corners of the gym, Krista (singer and college student) was the director, and she would say something like “Group 3 conquer group 1” and group 3 would run over to group 1 and try to get as many people away from the group as possible in a certain time limit. Those who were captured had to join the conquering group. It was rough and tumble but mostly you just hung on to your team as hard as you could and tried not to be pulled out. :-) Afterwards there was prayer and we went back to the church. We left right after we got back from youth. It was a good day and other than being so extremely nervous while playing music I enjoyed it. :-)
Naomi and I are watching Emma and Tess for today, and maybe again tomorrow. We'll bring the home around supper time. :-)

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