Monday, October 26, 2009

Hunting, church

Oct. 24th.... well it's kind of misty and foggy this morning. But I don't think it's super cold out. :-)
Ellie, Lydia and I took down the rest of the garden stuff and pulled the old plants into a pile. It should have a weeding but I don't know if we'll be doing that or not.
Peter came up yesterday morning and took Dad, Jesse and Zeke hunting. Jesse and Zeke saw two bull moose but Jesse only had his bow with him and couldn't get close enough for a shot. Dad was jittery and he shot three times at a doe but missed her. :-) Ellie, Lydia and Martha went with Dad and the boys in the evening but they didn't see anything.
Naomi and I went to Y2J.... I helped some with an experiment. Carrol asked if we would do the singing and the game next week so we'll probably be practicing a bit in the next week.
On Sunday church is going to be in Swan River, a meeting of three areas of churches (there's more than three churches going to be there) and we've been asked to do the special music for the morning service. Naomi isn't going as she thinks the long day is going to be to hard on her so Ellie, Lydia and I will be doing the honors :-) Martha was laughing about us singing harmony and she says.... “If there is any resemblance to real harmony it's completely coincidental.” LOL! :-) I sure it'll go fine and we'll be blessed by the fellowship and the preaching. :-) We have to bring lunch but supper is provided.
Dad's not feeling well, he's kind of out of shape for walking and the miles he walked yesterday have made his hip act up, could you please pray for him. I think he's also put out about missing the doe... missing isn't easy on a man's pride... (or a womans for that matter) Thanks for praying. :-)

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