Thursday, October 15, 2009

Getting better

Oct. 13th, We did around 100 chickens today, just finished up that pen that we worked on two weeks ago. The last batch wont be ready for a few weeks yet. The shop was heated in the floor so that was a really blessing to work in. :-)
I'm feeling quite a bit better, my eye is still slightly out of it and a lot of what I look at has a 'cloudy' look to it. But it doesn't hurt, Thanks for the prayers. :-) Lydia and the rest are all feeling well, as far as we know Uriah never got chicken pox. So that's rather interesting. :-)
It's supposed to get up to 11 C in a few days. I think that's when we're gonna try digging up the potatoes and carrots. I'm not sure where we'll be putting them for storage, the 'cold' room doesn't have much room for vegetables.
We also have to do some fire wood, we don't have very much left in the garage. I think we'll probably get a load in the back of the truck for now and later get more. We need to fix the fence in the alfalfa for the cows and the old hay pasture for the horses. I think Dad and some of the kids did some fencing today after we came home from Covlins.
Dad got a call from the sawmill guy today... he said the he was waiting for a part to come in and Dad says that in spite on the long wait with no word he's gonna trust that the guy is telling the truth. There might be a shipment going to Winnipeg, MB in a couple weeks and Dad's sawmill might be sent over with that, we'll just meet the hauler somewhere along the #1 at an equipment place so they can unload the sawmill. Thanks for praying about that. :-)

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Emily said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better!