Thursday, October 15, 2009


15th, had Tess over for baby sitting today. She's pretty good playing with Ruth and Cilla, just needs watching like more little kids. :-)
Dad and some of the kids got one load (back of the truck full) of firewood this morning. Ellie and Lydia fixed the rest of the fence so now the horses and cows can go out to pasture. I believe Dad is going to pull up one of the bins this afternoon and we'll put the stove length wood in there. Probably we'll get another load or two today and until we have 12 chords we'll keep hauling wood into the yard. :-) Hopefully that amount will tide us for the winter.
Movie night tonight... The kids were arguing about what to watch. But finally the vote was watching The Princess Bride... LOL! Dad's favorite movie. :-)
Brought Tess home which is where we are now. :-)

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Emily said...

Enjoy your movie! =)