Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Uriah has Chicken pox

Oct. 16th, Well Uriah has chicken pox. Poor kids' covered with spots. :-( He'll receive a fair amount of treatment though... LOL! Everyone is giving advise to Mom as to what to rub on him or what sort of bath to give him. :-)
Brought in one load of logs for firewood this morning, and after lunch we headed out again, Ellie, Lydia and I worked for an hour or so then we had to come in to get ready for Y2J. (they finished out that load while we were gone) Carrol picked the 4 of us up... the kids were pretty good, they're working on painting a note pad holder for the craft. Carrol was in charge of the game and Edna taught about God leading the children of Israel through the desert, and how God is always in control and everything will work out even when it's hard to see. :-) Jay had football game in Preeceville so Carrol left early with Trisha for Youth tonight... Elfreda drove us home. :-)
I notice the I'm not wearing certain clothes again, so I have a closet clean coming up then pack away what I don't normally wear. :-) I have a couple skirts I really like, I think I'll be making myself another one or two of the same pattern and use my old skirts... they're really wide and since I don't need to ride in them having culottes I can use them for an easier and nicer skirt to wear. :-)
So till later...

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