Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pox, snow..

Oct. 10th, mid morning. :-) Lydia and I spent the last three/four days as pretty miserable people. She mostly with itching and I with pain and an eye that's causing trouble. But I think today Lydia's feeling better, Mom had Naomi pick up some calamine lotion when Carol picked her and Ellie up for Y2J yesterday afternoon and that's helped Lydia quite a bit, now her sores are starting to scab over. I'm feeling pretty good, but have a few tired or light headed moments every so often. I'm back pulling what I can, doing my chores and so on. My right eye is blood-shot and painful since the evening of the 8th. I'm not sure what the problem is with it. My worst time is walking near windows... the snow on the ground makes it smart and tear up. But it's not super bad if I keep my hand over it. I can't look at the computer screen for super long before it gets to painful, but I thought I could do this over short periods. :-)
Yes we have snow, it started a few days back. We've gotten a few skiffs and had them melt off. This morning the snow is starting to drift, making us all remember how wonderful this place is situated... Not! The wind break was planted badly and it funnels the wind and snow into drifts in front of the gate and also several places down by the barn. Making it a rough time getting out to do choring. But we have to remember that the people who built this place moved from the old country. So that does help throw a light on why the house was built the way it was and everything was set up on the farm the way they did. So next spring I'm sure we'll put in few weeks putting in more wind break and fixing up more problems that were left for us. :-) I'm just thankful for the house and barn. :-) In spite of the problems they have, I'm plenty glad we have them. :-) I really wouldn't look forward to not having a house to live in. :-)
Today those who feel up to it are going to a 60th wedding anniversary celebration for the pastor's parents in Endeavour. I think it starts at 2:00 pm. Most likely it's only going to be Lydia and I at home.
I think I finally got the program that makes my computer play DVDs. And just in time as well... Naomi's AC power cord finally quit working so she has to pick up another one before her computer will work. I'm not sure how much that will cost, she'll probably have to order it in from Nasby's in Melville, where she and I both bought our computers. CareTek.... great computers and great friends who run it. :-)
We're supposed to go butcher the other half batch of chickens on the 13th, Tuesday. Day after the Canadian thanksgiving. :-) They were planning to butcher today but I guess it wasn't working out. My only complaint?.... is that on Tuesday I'll probably be well enough to go work again. 'groan' And today I would have been able to stay home. I guess God doesn't want me to miss any chicken events. LOL! :-)
I think that's all for now. :-)

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Emily said...

I envy your cool weather....we're still having 80-90 degree weather here!

Hope you and Lydia get to feeling better soon...being sick is no fun!