Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Good day to ya'll.
I hope that all those who follow this blog are having a good day. :-)
Sunday (19th) went quite well... after service and the pot luck most of the people went home so we were able to spend the afternoon at the lake and enjoyed playing in the water without so many people around. :-)
Lydia and I went down and spent a day at camp in the kitchen again(Mon. 20th). We helped out with all the meals for that day and then I rolled out around 100 tortillas... I thought my wrist were going to fall off by the time I got done. The dough was really stiff and about like elastic, you'd stretch it out and it'd bounce back.... so you can imagine how it felt rolling out 100 of them. (actually it was over 100, the head cook said I rolled about 130 or so, but 100 is an easier number for me... LOL!) But in-spite of my aching arms I did enjoy being able to help out again. I haven't lost my enthusiasm for the camp yet. :-) Carrol Stepan brought us home again.... We got home around 9:30 or so.... kind of late but the kitchen work didn't end till then. :-)
I have an unspoken prayer request for you all.... Just pray for wisdom about a situation up here, especially for us older girls. Thanks very much. :-)

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mother of six said...

Hi, just wanted to let you know that I will make your prayer request a serious matter of prayer. Also, I wanted to know just what kind of camp or ministries you all run. Have you ever heard of Bro. Sammy Allen or Faith Baptist Camp? That's my pastor and our church's camp. We have a website under Concord Baptist. Also visit www.churchchoirmusic.com to see about us. Bro. Larry Brown from Iowa preaches for us sometimes. Also some close friends are missionaries to Harrison, SD and another family in ID. Just curious about it since y'all seem to dress and think like us.:)