Thursday, July 16, 2009


Been weeding the garden, harvesting stinging nettles, cleaning house, celebrating Lydia's 17th Birthday.... and today (10th) I went and got a gallon pail full of wild rose petals.... I love that smell of roses, I wonder if that will be one of the scents that God has in Heaven... probably something much better though. :-) I want to harvest as many as I can.... there's never to many dried rose petals. I would like to get some rose essential oil (which is extremely expensive unless diluted by a carrier oil) and make some soap this winter.... rose petal soap. :-) I'm always interested in novelties. :-) I have made a plain calendula petal soap with no scent, one orange, and one lemon and grape fruit soap... I do enjoy experimenting at times. :-)
Our weather has been rather chilly here, past two days we've gotten a bit of rain (Ellie and I were caught out walking... we came home already showered... LOL! ) Today it was partly sunny and very windy, thankfully it died down in the evening so my rose petals didn't get scattered across the country. :-)
The garden didn't come very well... the main reason is because we got it in so late. Hopefully next year we'll get it in on time and maybe be able to start our own plants in the little green house thing we have... I once started popcorn and indian corn (for corn meal) and they went very well for being starts and also long growing days. I'm hoping that sometime we'll get a green house but that is very very unlikely to happen even in the next few years... we never have money or time to make of buy one. :-) So I'll have to be content with what I have and be glad that we can actually still garden. :-)
Okay I'll run now... take care and many blessings on you. :-)

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