Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sunny here

Well another beautiful day here at the Holter farm. It reached 80 f today but we didn't go into the water. Our well has been failing worse and worse, so Dad is going to have to seriously look into getting it looked at. Hopefully all it needs is a cleaning and we wont have to drill a new well. If we do have to drill a new one that means no sawmill for Dad. We're just praying right now.... God has things in control. :-)
I went to town with Dad and Mom this morning, picked up a couple things. Then this afternoon I scythed down more weeds, gave myself another blister so I stopped. :-/ :-) Then I worked on trying to repair a hole in a galvanized water trough so the kids can have a wadding pool and not have to get so dirty going into the dugout. We'll fill it later and see if my make shift patch will hold. I'm kind of thinking that it wont as I didn't have the proper material for the hole but it might surprise me. :-)
I didn't work with Shiloh today. Yesterday I just tried to sack her out to a blanket being rubbed on her and flipped at her. She apparently was let get away with some stuff before... the main things being that she has a bad habit of nibbling and she also has no respect for personal space on her seeing side. Her blind side she stays away pretty much. So my work is cut out for me. :-) She ties very well, and there was no pulling back so I think she might have had a few lessons on that before I got her. Since she's quite calm about the blanket being flipped on her, I think I'll just try the saddle next and see how she does. She takes things pretty well, and doesn't get het up about it so I think breaking her to ride will be OK. :-)
Today we're in Yorkton so I hope to be able to post this and send some e-mails. I also have to look up some other things. The net is a good thing at times but at others it gets bothersome. :-)

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