Sunday, July 19, 2009


Sat. 18th.....Well so far we've been having nice weather. It's been hot enough that the kids went into the dugout for a bit of a swim and wading. :-) They sure enjoyed cooling off.
On our way home from town (16th) we stopped by Wildside Honey (Stehr's place) to get two buckets of honey while we were there Sandra asked if I wanted another horse? She had a two year old paint filly that was blind in her left eye due to being kicked out when the filly was a young foal. I looked her over and said that I'd get back with Sandra the next day.
The 17th was Uriah's 6th birthday.... the kids sure grow fast. :-) We made Pizza and Ellie had made ice cream on the 16th, all in all a very good dinner. :-)
Yesterday (17th) we gardened some, then all but Jesse and Naomi went to do some horse stuff.... went down and checked out a horse that Miller's want Lydia to put miles on, then went over and saw the stud that Muckers and Millie are being bred to. We dropped by Stehr's on the way back from the stud but they weren't home Dad asked the hired guy if he's have them call when they got home. They ended up calling about the time we made it home.... so after Mom fed the baby she drove Ellie, Lydia and I down to walk Shiloh back. Shiloh had only been on lead four times before so I was a bit skeptical about the 2 ¼ miles home but she behaved very well.
Today Mom and I weeded the 8 rows of carrots... I can tell my hands aren't used to the hoe... I've had a year of taking it easy, and I ended up getting some blisters on my hands... Tomorrow wont be any garden work so I'll get a rest. :-) After lunch I visited with Shiloh, just getting to know her better I'll try working with her tomorrow evening after church and then maybe let her out on Monday. Lydia, Ellie and I helped Dad take a tractor tire apart.... inner tube and rim out. The outside rubber the girls will fill with gravel and use for horse playing. The inner tube we'll try to wash/soak in soap and water to cut the calcium so we can use it for the dugout. :-) I had been intending to scythe some grass before supper but Dad wanted to sharpen the scythe and by the time he was done it was time to eat, so after eating and helping him get the tire apart, I scythed some grass. Not much but I'll do more on Monday.... I hate to see all the grass go to waste, we have nothing to cut it with and no one's been asking to cut our field so I'll just scythe a bit and make myself feel better not letting it all go to waste. :-)
That's about it for now. Have a great day.

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