Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hey there

Hi there....
The day at the camp kitchen went great. (we helped out there on the 13th) Lyds and I had lots of fun and we told them to holler for us if they needed us again. :-) We have to put the food on the kids' plates so they don't contaminate other peoples' food if they haven't washed their hands, so that was a new experience for us. But it went fine and we didn't make any messes. LOL! :-) Dad and Eugene had dropped us off but Carrol Stepan (I think that's how you spell their last name) and her son Jay brought us home. (Jay's 15) When we got home we found that Dad and Eugene had installed the Rust Buster (a special filter for all the iron in our water) but that we had no water again. After an hour or so the well had filled in again so we're back into water for now. Not sure what Dad will be doing about the well running dry, guess we'll just see. :-) That night (Eugene and Blair stayed another night) Lydia was sick... from 1:30 am till 6:00 am she threw up every 10 -15 minutes... So I worked out a small system.... Lydia would throw up in one bowl I'd take it and hand her the other one, take the yuck out and dump it rinse the bowl and sink, spray both with lysol and then 10 minutes later do it all over again. :-{ Naomi got sick last night but she didn't have it as hard as Lydia only throwing up 4 times. Dad and Mom both feel like they might get it as well. So far I'm holding out. Jesse, Ellie, Martha, Sara and I seem to be the only ones that aren't feeling bad. Last night I was so tired from being up all night and not having a nap during the day that I was feeling bad as well, but this morning I'm feeling OK. Not perfect but I'm not sick yet. :-) Please pray that we'll all heal soon and those of us who aren't sick don't get it. :-) Thanks.
It was rainy yesterday so I wasn't able to weed the carrots. They look pretty bad. Not very many of them have come up... But they have to be weeded any ways. :-) Hopefully it will clear off today so I can weed a row or two. I want to go gather rose petals again as well. :-) But that could wait a day if need be... I need to get at least one more harvesting of Nettles in before the plants go to flower so I might have to do that today in stead of rose petals. :-)
Nothing else happening around here... So I'll close for now.

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