Saturday, August 29, 2009


Been picking raspberries, peas and beans again, they're all tapering off so maybe one more picking and we'll be done with them for this year. We didn't get a lot but enough to add a little variety to this winters food. :-)
I have Tess Covlin under my care for today. :-) Right now she's taking a nap. After she gets up several of us kids are heading over to Covlins to weed their garden. We're doing what we can to earn money for fiddle camp next year. We really need to get in the reservations for both weeks soon if we're going to make it in. :-) I love camp and I'm more than eager to work hard so I can go both weeks next year. :-)
It's been sunny and on the warm side the past 5 or so days. I'm so so glad that we're getting some heat. Although it's a bit late for the beans we just might be able to get some corn from our very late patch. :-) Next year should be better, and Lord willing we'll get the garden in earlier than we did this year. :-) Ron Young baled the hay he cut before, and then he cut a little bit more, not sure when that will be baled. He's a very busy man and we're so thankful that he was willing to come cut and bale the hay as we have no equipment. Thank God for good neighbors. :-)
I mixed up ice cream today, that will probably be made this evening or maybe tomorrow afternoon if we decide to have any one over. I think Mom is making some cinnamon buns for sweets. She's also canning the raspberries we picked today. I've been kind of busy and not had a whole lot of chance to practice banjo.... seems the time I have time to practice is in the evening when the little guys are in bed and I don't want to disturb them. I'll find a way to practice though. :-)
TTYL.... :-) Take care.

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