Monday, August 31, 2009

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After Tess woke up several of us kids along with her headed over to Covlins to weed their garden. 5 of us worked for an hour and made a lot of progress, another hour should clear it up the rest of the way and we hope to do that on Monday (31st).
I was able to practice banjo yesterday evening before the kids were put in bed so I was glad to get that done. :-) I just went through what I was taught at camp, I'll have to work on the two books that Joel lent me later. :-)
Our neighbors across the road are cutting their hay today. I love the smell of freshly cut hay. :-) Once it's cut it will be a great field for riding in. We were given permission to ride in the field this spring, once you reach the other side of the field there's a path leading about half a mile into the bush that takes you to a road way in between two lakes. It's really pretty back there. :-)
Lydia was just practicing guitar, I think Chris will be proud of her. :-) She always gets boost when we go to camp, and since she was in a class her level this last time she's really moved forward in her playing. :-) I enjoy listening to her play.
Okay enough for now. :-)
Went riding after lunch, rode around the provencial forest (Porcupine forest) for a bit, on quad trails and deer trails around swamps through “creeks” and so on. I'm going to try to work on Shiloh in a few days as well, maybe pony her saddled off of Millie for a few miles. But that I have to do on the road not on a bit of a trail that has branches and trees falling over it. :-) It's hard enough riding it, and to pony on it would be pretty bad. I got ran into a few trees as it was. :-) But not too banged up.
I made Naomi and myself a hair tonic solution, hopefully that will help my hair with the split ends and roughness. I don't want to get it cut/trimmed so I'm hoping that I can keep it healthy by babying it. :-) I wore it down for the first time in months the last night at music camp, just a little more dressy. ;-) I do wear it in a braid when we go riding, and of course I always sit on it. Did you know how hard it is to post (while you're trotting) and be sitting on your hair? LOL! :-) Naomi has a bit of dandruff so hopefully after a few application of her “tea” will clear that up. :-)
Have a great day.

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