Friday, August 14, 2009

Holter place

13th...... Well I ended up not riding Shiloh.... Martha did instead. :-) I was going to get on and Martha says, “I want to try this” and up she goes. Shiloh backed up some when Martha first got on. Other than that she acted like she'd been ridden all her life and this was old hat for her. :-) I am so happy for that. Ellie ponied her for a bit off of Cracker but Cracker and Shiloh don't get along that great.... LOL! So I ended up taking Shiloh. Since I had been intending to ride Shiloh I had put Lydia's colt saddle on her.... and Martha was going to ride Gray Girl... as you know Martha is small and her saddle reflects that. LOL! I ended up riding Gray Girl for some 6 miles in a saddle that was not only too small for me but since the stirrups don't lengthen very easily I rode feeling like me knees were up to my chin. LOL! It didn't look that bad but did I ever ache getting off. I stepped off twice trying to relieve the cramps that would hurt my knees and ankles. We went down to Stehr's.... they were happy to see that I had broke Shiloh (though Martha was a little embarrassed to be called the “bronc” rider. ;-) They were starting to extract Honey that day so we didn't stay long. Then we headed over to Covlins.... Bear (their collie dog) had followed the kids home the day before and we wanted to drop him off and hope he'd stay there. Even though we had one of the girls hold him while we left ½ mile down the road he caught up with us... so he's over here again. :-) Covlin's have another dog that goes around the neighborhood as well.... :-) he's a little dog.... anyhow this dog (Buddy) came up out of the grass right next to Shiloh's head, on her seeing side, she saw Buddy about the time I was calling to Martha to be careful, and Shiloh jumped, only about 3 feet then she walked on. Like nothing had happened. Martha of course didn't have stirrups because Lydia's colt saddle doesn't shorten to her length so she ended up in front of the saddle... pushed herself back and went on riding. Shiloh is very quiet and gentle, a horse that you must talk to.... she gets to the point that she has to be talked to. She seems to think that if you don't talk to her it means you aren't paying any attention to her. I think it's mostly because of her blind eye, she needs that voice to know where she's at. :-)
After supper Lydia, Martha and I rode down to Rockford. We got home around 8:30 to find that Naomi hadn't paid attention to the kids and they still had to shower. We had been hoping that Martha could jump in right away then the other two of us. But that didn't work out and around 10:00 I decided to just go to bed. I was to tired to want to stay up till 11:00 to take a shower and Dad and Mom still had to clean up as well. Hopefully I will be able to shower tonight. ;-)

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