Wednesday, August 5, 2009

August 5th

Weeded the garden this morning, I had made a casserole so I just had to put it in the oven an hour before we ate. It gave me time to weed my part of the garden. :-)
this afternoon all the kids had the horses out and were intending to go for a ride.... they said that they would be mostly walking but I should have known that never turns out. :-) So I had Shiloh and was walking with her.... ended up not knowing where the kids went so we wandered around for 45 min. or so till I found the path they took... it's hard to find horse tracks in the grass. :-) Not a bad walk, but Shiloh leads a lot better when it's just me and her there. She listens very well and sticks close to me not trying to run me over.... but as soon as the other horses are there she gets excited and doesn't listen very well. She likes to trot and catch up with the other riders, and couple times she wasn't listening to me bumping on the rope so I had to correct her rather severely..... she tries to rear to get away from the rope that's keeping her from the other horses. But by the time we were walking the last mile home all I had to do was bump the rope slightly and say “walk” so she's an easy learner. :-) I think the walk was around 5-6 miles in all, and I'm out of shape for walking that far..... :-) Funny how soft your feet get after only a month or so of not walking several miles a day. :-) Back in Waldron three of us girls were making 10 -12 miles a day.... because we had nothing else to do of course. But here.... :-) We manage to keep busy enough that we rarely get to walk more than 4 miles in a shot. :-) I prefer a combination of both.... horse riding and walking. I love being able to ride 10-12 miles in a morning before breakfast (as that's when you burn the most calories) and then walk in later afternoon making it back by supper. :-D But that's just me. :-)
Dad called Keith Galbraith (the stud's owner) and he said that Millie had gone back into heat so he wanted us to leave the mares there for another couple weeks to make sure she gets bred. So I guess I'll be having a late June foal if she took this last heat. :-)
Thanks for reading this blog.... I try to make in interesting, and give y'all a look into our lives. :-) Take care, and till next time. :-)

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