Friday, August 28, 2009

More Update

Aug. 26th, 2009, Evening.
I somehow slept through my alarm clock again, I even had it up next to my pillow and still managed to sleep through it. :-/ Yikes I'm getting slack. :-) I would like to get back into the routine that Lydia and I had before Millie and Muckers went down to the studs'. We would get up every morning at 5:30 and ride some 6-8 miles or more before breakfast, I love going on long morning rides. :-) Everything is fresh then, and there's almost no traffic. :-) We usually would get home around 7:45 and breakfast would be at 8:00 am. :-) But unless I can get up at a decent time I'll not make it riding in the mornings. I'll have to see if Lydia and I can set our clocks to ring at the same time, maybe we wont be able to sleep through dual ringing. :-) I'm not the only one sleeping in, but for me I would really like to either ride or read my Bible and practice banjo before breakfast. I'm getting to bed on time (9:00 pm, no later than 9:30) but I can't seem to drag myself out of bed. :-) I'll conquer this problem, and you probably are bored with me going on about it so I'll go to something else.
Went and picked raspberries and beans at Stehr's (that's where Shiloh came from) we got about 2 gallons of raspberries and ½ a gallon of beans. Those we put with the ones we had picked from Youngs and made a small canner load so that's nice. :-) Purple and green beans from Stehr's, we have yellow beans and so do Young's so we'll have a large variety of colors for our winter plates. :-) I don't mind canning, but I'm still a little scared of the pressure cooker, you know, watching the poundage and making sure I don't blow the thing up. :-) I've never had a problem with it, I just prefer using a steam canner. But you can't can beans in a steam canner so.... I know my time will come this season. :-)
I worked on fixing a bin roof this afternoon after I had picked raspberries and beans, cleaned and washed both, and weeded part of my plot in the garden.... I really don't like heights at all. So I'm like inching around on the roof thinking, “What's going to happen if I fall?” I didn't end up sliding or falling and I was able to fix what I needed to. :-) Putting sheet metal over an auger hole so it's now somewhat rain proof. I'm kind of hoping to “fix” it up a bit more and be able to practice music in there, because as I am very much aware, Banjo is a very LOUD instrument and the house we're in is a leetle on 'de small side. (really let your accent roll here and you'll get what I'm talking about. LOL!) So you can imagine what happens when I practice, and the baby's trying to sleep, Mom's tired of noise, the kids are screaming in the living room over toys, Dad just came in from the shop and he's never been real interested in listening to us kids practicing, so..... :-) Hopefully with a few improvements this old grain bin will become a sanctuary for me to play (or is that twang) to my heart's content and not be bothering anyone but myself. LOL! :-)
I'm not sure when we'll be going into town so I can post these posts.... this is more than I've ever posted at one shot so far. I've only had three to post at one posting session before, pretty soon I'll be getting up near #10. :-) But I'll not complain, I'm just glad that I can post on a blog and keep people updated with what we're kind of doing, even if it's my opinion of what's going on. :-) I suppose y'all are getting tired of me dragging on and on. :-) So I will leave you for now. :-)

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