Friday, August 14, 2009

Here goes

Howdy y'all. I hope it's all been going good for those who read this blog. :-) We've been having some nice weather. Actually getting some heat the past three days. :-) On Sunday Brad preached... such a good sermon. All I can say is God knew I needed the topic. What are you really hoping for? What are you seriously looking for? Do you want to lead people to God or are you more hopeful about getting that new car, looking nice.... and so on. I was hit in-between the eyes so to speak. Thank God for good preachers. :-)
Sunday(9th) afternoon we had Fenske's over for lunch.... Neil and Elfreda with their children.... Trisha, Darren, Matthew and Dylan. There was horse back riding, potato gun shooting (actually it was green apple shooting) and they ended up staying for supper as well. Later Hudy's arrived and stayed for an hour or so. It was good to see them again. :-)
Monday morning found most of us down the road a few miles picking raspberries at an elderly couple's place, they go to our church. They had a large row that was heavily loaded and neither of them were in condition to do much picking. So they asked us to pick for our family. :-) They also send home a large amount of Rhubarb that they can't use, several onions and lots of radishes. God does provide. :-)
Monday afternoon those of us who had horses to ride headed out for Millers so Lydia could pick up Sugar the three year old they want miles put on.
Tuesday (today 11th) has been going well.... so far. That could always change. :-) I saddled Shiloh on Saturday and Lydia ponied her around the field a couple times. I saddled her again today and slapped the stirrups a lot... she calmed down quiet well. The kids were going for a ride this afternoon so I asked Lydia to pony Shiloh before they went and she did really well, so Maybe tomorrow I'll take the step and get a leg on either side of her. I do hope that the weather holds.... :-) I would like to tie her head around in the morning and then see about riding her in the afternoon. Am I nervous and scared? Yes very much so... LOL! I am no good at this colt breaking, but it has to be done. :-)
And on that I will leave for now.

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