Friday, August 28, 2009

Good afternoon

Dad, Mom and several of the kids along with Naomi, Ellie, Lydia and I went through Yorkton on the way down to Kenosee Lake. We picked up a few more things for camp including our supper.
We arrived at Camp around 4:30 or later (I can't remember, I should have written this down earlier. :-) Michele greeted us with hugs and then we met J.J., Lindsey and Gordon right there. :-) We unloaded the van of our stuff. Dad and Mom left after talking for a bit to various people. And us girls headed up to the Mother Theresa building to register. We stayed there for a couple of hours, went and ate our supper then back up to the Mother Theresa center for jamming.... well Naomi, Lydia and Ellie jammed I sat by to watch and listen. :-) Tuesday started out great, and continued to be through the whole day. There are 9 banjo students... (I think I'm remembering correctly) I was in a class with 4 others the first two sessions in the morning. Joel Olson is our teacher in the morning and Daniel Koulack is the teacher for afternoon. Joel is teaching us three finger style bluegrass banjo and Daniel is teaching us claw-hammer or flailing style. I am not the greatest learner in the world. I feel like I am closer to failing than I am succeeding some days. :-) I find myself liking both styles of Banjo.... and in-spite of feeling like my brain is over loading, I'm glad that I have a chance to learn both at the same camp. :-) I really should let Lydia do the camp stories as she has a better touch than I do.... :-) It's Wed. (19th) evening right now.... and I'm in the mess hall.... it's so loud in here with almost everyone talking, reminds me of cooking at Ketchen those two Mondays. :-) Until next time....

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