Saturday, August 8, 2009

Nice day

The 8th has been good weather so far. I hope to work with Shiloh this afternoon. I would like to get her broke before we head down to camp. I guess I kind of chicken out when it comes to riding colts. I'm nervous about being thrown. :-) But I will do what I have to do even if I don't feel great about it. :-) When I broke Millie I had Bev Pilipow cheering me on.... She's such a great friend and gave me encouragement when I was scared and nervous..... unlike some other people who would rather laugh at my fears, though they have never tried breaking a colt. :-( :-) I'm very grateful for Bev putting her things aside and standing by me. :-) It's rare to find a friend that will do that. And I know I don't appreciate her as well as I should.
I saddled Shiloh today, and had Lydia pony her for a couple rounds in the field. She did fine and didn't seem to have to many worries about the saddle. So that's a plus. :-) I also weeded part of the garden. Yesterday while I was walking a couple kids drove by in a silver truck.... later that evening Lydia and Martha were out riding and they met the truck a few times, the guys had been going into fields that weren't cut and ruining them by doing spins and driving around lots. Lydia says that she and Martha saw two or three new beer bottles as well. Any how Brad Steppan called a neighbor who's field had been ripped up and he called the police... the police had found the truck and are looking for the kids who were doing the damage. Both of them had been in trouble with the cops several times before, and one of them might have served time before. And I thought we moved into a quiet area. LOL! Not funny what the kids did but strange that we're supposed to be so far out in the boonies and we still get rough traffic. I guess we can be glad that all of our fields are fenced. :-)

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