Friday, August 28, 2009


I've always liked this poem about wind....
The Wind Across the Prairie

The Wind across the prairie
Plays a melancholy air
Through the harp strings of the grass;
It breaths a soulful prayer
Against vermilion boulders,
It ripples fields of grain
Into shimmering lakes of green and gold,
And bears the scent of rain.

The wind across the prairie
With organ-voiced sigh
Sings a hymn to all the rangeland
In the haze of earth and sky.
The lone horseman ponders
As he feels the wind’s soft breath,
The grandeur of the prairie
And its song of life and death.

The wind across the prairie,
Like a sculptor’s careful hand
Carves upon the earth and stone
The splendor of the land.
With a voice both cruel and tender,
It sings its song of time,
And bends aside the mundane things
To show us the sublime.

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