Monday, August 3, 2009


Another up date.... I hope I'm not making these posts too boring... :-) I haven't gotten much response, but it's just something to keep some people updated..... Grandpa Weatherl keeps updated by what Naomi and I type on the blogs.... so I guess the posting is not all in vain. :-)
Spent Sunday (2nd) afternoon at Tom and Debbie's place.... they had been planning an outdoor burger meal, but it rained so we had to have it inside. :-) There were a few games going on, books being read and the kids were allowed to watch two Biblical veggie tales videos. It's nice to get to know them better. :-)
Hey I thought I'd throw this out to y'all.... would any of you happen to have copies of these songs?
He saw it All,
When I get Carried Away,
Somethings Never Change,
On my Way, On my Own,
I'm Gonna Sing,
I Pledge my Allegiance,
More Than Ever,
Nothing I Like Better,
There's Still Power in the Blood,
I'm Asking You,
Be Living,
Have you Met my Friend?,
He Lives in Me,
Had it Not Been,
If This is What God Wants,
Make it Real,
Look for Me,
I Don't Belong,
I Talked to Him Today,
Cherish the Treasure,
I Want to See Him Smile,
Mary, Did You Know?,
The Other side of the Cross,
He is Risen,
Just Hold on a Little Longer,
His Love is Like a River,
He's a Personal Saviour,
Child Forgiven,
Prisoner Of Hope,

....... and a non gospel love song, You're my Best Friend..... if any of you have the sheet music you could copy and send me or send a PDF file over e-mail..... anyhow you can contact me at kirkholter :at: :-) I've been looking for these songs for a bit, I know lots of them are Gaither songs... But I really don't have the funds to buy their song book, though it is on my wish list. :-)
Any how if you know of any one who might have access to these songs, I'd love to be able to get them some day. :-) I know that chords are fairly easy to come by but for me I prefer the actual notes to be able to play the song. :-)
Have a great day. :-)

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