Friday, August 28, 2009

Regular stuff

Aug. 25th, We've been given several gallons of raspberries from some people at church, picked our patch and a neighbor's so we have a few to put up. We're putting this batch into juice which we will can for winter use. After this we'll just can the berries with some honey and water for fruit in the winter. We might make a jam with Rhubarb as well, that always seems to disappear fast. :-) Since it rained yesterday I wasn't able to weed and after a week of no attention my part of the garden looks rather sad. :-( I was able to weed two rows this afternoon, hopefully I will be able to weed in-between the other rows tomorrow. :-)
4 of the girls went down to the Galbraith's to get Ellie's and mine fillies from the stud. I'm looking forward to being able to ride again, and also to seeing what kind of foal Millie will have next year. ;-) When Sarge (colt from my first mare born in 2004) was born I was happy to see that he was a paint, though just barely one, I never did train him before I sold him, he ended up paying for his dam, his castrating and his feed so the turn around was good. :-) I keep remembering when I was teaching him to tie, that colt went crazy on a rope but in the end he tied better than any of our older mares and geldings. Soft, silky coats on a new born foal, little spindly legs, running across the pasture to their mom, cute little tails stuck straight up in the air, and that first feeling of a baby taking a step forward on a rope without a fight.... :-) I love foals. :-)
I guess all baby animals are cute in a way, even snakes, lizards and spiders are “cute” at a young age. I'm not too favorable of those species though. :-) I don't mind salamanders so much... which could be seen at camp as I ended up putting one on an instructor's head one evening. LOL! Poor guy, it scared him for a bit. He has a horror of creepy, crawly things around his feet. :-) And yes for those of you who are wondering I have had salamanders on my person and snakes as well... not my favorite past time, and I will admit to screaming like a girl “gasp” more than once when met by reptiles of that sort. LOL! :-)
I should close this post... I need to work on dishes, practice banjo and get to bed at a decent time (like 9:00 pm not 10:00 pm). I've been sleeping through my alarm clock the past two mornings (that could be attributed to the fact that I was up till 4:30 am Sunday morning) and I've not gotten my Bible reading and music practice in before breakfast. I loved being able to get up at camp and go down to the fire pit in the mornings.... us girls would read our Bibles and then my sisters would leave and I would practice for 15-20 minutes so I was somewhat able to stay up with my class. :-) Here at home it's really hard to find a quiet place to practice and I don't want my music to suffer by my neglecting it because I don't want to disturb anyone, and when I play banjo you can bet that my family will be disturbed. LOL! :-) Okay, I will close for sure this time. :-)
Take care and God bless.

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