Saturday, August 8, 2009

Just another day

Well it's raining again. :-) It was nice weather for two days but today 7th it's been raining all day. :-) I think it's making up for lost time.
On the 5th Naomi and I drove down to Covlins so I could mow the lawn and Naomi could do computer stuff. I mowed for an hour paying for 2 quarts of cream so we could make ice cream. After mowing the lawn I posted on the blog.... and emailed some people.
6th in the morning Dad, Mom, Sara, Naomi, Lydia and I went to Preeceville. I went to the drug store picked up some stuff and then headed over to a garage sale. The elderly lady was soooo happy to see me, she said the no one else had been there the whole time she had the garage sale on. So to say she hung over me and talked everything up would be an understatement. :-) I was able to find a few things that weren't to old and also wasn't falling apart.... she talked and talked about a pair of turquoise slippers and she wouldn't let me leave without them. So I am now the owner of some turquoise slippers. LOL! Some people are so funny to be around. :-)
And today's raining so no outside stuff is getting done. I did go for a walk in the afternoon. Not to far.... and it wasn't raining to badly so I ended up not needing the umbrella I had brought along. :-)
Eugene came up last night, after lunch he and Blaire headed out for Saskatoon where Blaire's mom lives. Eugene said he'd probably drop by next week sometime so Lydia can give Blaire a few more horse riding lessons before we head for music camp. Only 10 more days till we head out. :-) Fun is on the horizon. LOL!

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