Friday, August 14, 2009

Here again

Well here I am again... this is the third post to be posted today. LOL! I don't usually have so much to say that I have three posts to put on in one day. :-) I weeded the last 4 rows of my carrots in the garden yesterday morning. Naomi helped me weed rather than weed her flower beds but hey I wasn't going to complain about the help. :-) Ron Young cut most of our southern 40 acre hay field in the morning, he didn't get it all done but we were glad that he was willing to cut it. :-) Afternoon rolled in with a thunder head rumbling for a while then God unleashed the whole works..... an extremely hard driving rain with hail around the size of a thimble beat down on us for about 10 minutes.... then it slowed to just a soaking rain and the hail melted. Thankfully the garden and the hay look all right and not too beat up. :-) Thursday is movie night and we watched The Parent Trap and Dreamer.... both good movies. :-) This morning I weeded flower beds with Mom and some of the kids. Naomi was to tired to weed... between the rest of us we were able to weed the main ones that needed it. :-)
I'm kind feeling a little on the ill side.... sore throat and a little clogged up sinus I don't know for sure why it happened this time, but it might be related to eating some Toblerone Chocolate, I had noticed before that I had a slight reaction to the white Toblerone chocolate but I didn't pay to much attention. I guess I wont be eating that kind. :-) I've had the dark chocolate and the milk chocolate and neither of those bothered me.... so hopefully it's just the white variety that bothers me. :-)
Okay I'll close this for now. We're heading down to our neighbor's for a barbecue this evening. :-) Should be nice.

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